About BBL

Helle Baagøe Saager is the founder of Bumblebee Learning. She is a certified teacher with a specialization of ‘Danish as a second language – and she has an advanced degree in Cultural Communication.
Through her teaching carrier Helle Saager has worked with the inclusion of pupils with speech and/or communication difficulties due to second language issues or cognitive difficulties such as autism. Helle has also taught adults in second language Danish – beginner to advanced Danish courses and she has taught Danish for adult illiterates.

Bumblebee Learnings Flashcards

Bumblebee Learning’s language materials are evidence-based on teaching methods for language acquisition and special aid teaching methods where language lessons are planned systematically and differentiated with the focus on fun communication exercises.  

Bumblebee Learning’s card decks are produced in regular playing card size with a smooth surface. The photocards’ motives are divided into categories within different word classes or themes such as vegetables, fruit, professions, the kitchen etc. At the moment we have 15 different categories and there are more to come.

For each deck of Photocards there is a matching deck of Text cards in either Danish or English.
With Bumblebee Learning’s card decks you get 750 basis words divided into 15 categories which can be used for learning games and exercises in different language classes. These games and exercises stimulate the training and development of both active and passive vocabulary.


Bumblebee Learning’s card decks can be used for developing language skills for both children and adults and can also be used for different teaching methods with different aims. – Such as second language teaching, and training of communication, cognition, memory and speech fluency.
The learning cards are very good for to train social and cultural interaction which is important in both second language and special need teaching. Social interaction is based on numerous cultural codes such as taking turns, phrases of politeness, questions/answers etc. which all need the use of language. These exercises can be used with a script which can be trained together with the different games and exercises.

With Bumblebee Learning’s Inspiration-catalog you will find outlined exercises and games which are easy to start and where it is also possible to add physical movements to make vary the different exercises. In this way Bumblebee Learning’s Photo- and Text cards give various options for planning a varied, structured and differentiated teaching settings.


All teaching materials in Bumblebee Learning’s web shop are produced in Denmark – and the learning cards are made of environment certified paper. We try to reduce our climate print as much as possible in all our procedures.